What is the Registry of Investors?

The Registry of Investors is the instrument that allows the CNI National Investment Council to identify the investments made or to be made in Honduras, registering both the Mercantile Society, the partners, and natural persons, national or foreign that are part of it.



  1. Registration certificate, which in the case of foreigners, facilitates their immigration procedures.
  2. Free legal assistance for investment and business formalization.
  3. Annual submission of updated information on economic-financial, tax and legal issues.
  4. Invitation to training events on business opening and private investment issues.
  5. Attention to complaints aimed at the protection of investors.
  6. Pre and post investment services.
  7. Guidance for obtaining complementary services for the operation of the business.

Requirements for the Registry of Investors

  1. Application addressed to the CNI National Investment Council, presented by the Legal Representative; containing the data of the investor, data of the Legal Representative, brief description of the investment made or to be made, and amount of these.
  2. Power of attorney duly authenticated.
  3. National Tax Registry (RTN) of the investor (Individual Trader or Mercantile Company).
  4. General Balance of the last year.
  5. Current Business Operation Permit, extended by the Municipality where the business is located.
  6. Affidavit duly authenticated in which it is proved that the documents and the amount of the investment are true.
  7. Copy of the Deed of Constitution of the Company or individual Merchant.
  8. Copy of the current Legal Representative’s Card.
  9. Make deposit of two hundred lempiras (L. 200.00) in the Account of the National Investment Council (CNI) of the Central Bank of Honduras No. 11102-02-000020-7, prior to the issuance of the Certificate.

NOTE: All documents in a copy must be duly authenticated. The signature of the Power of Attorney and the Affidavit must be made in a different certificate of authenticity.

You can fill out your application online by scanning the following QR code.