It is the commitment made between the state and investors that guarantees no increase or new taxes in the national and municipal taxation at the time of subscription and for the term of its validity. This is law between the parties.

The maximum duration of contracts stability will be 15 years except for investments relating to projects exceeding this term concessions.

Present accreditation with the Commercial Register of the relevant jurisdiction, by apostilled copy of the registration certificate of the country of origin and the documentation supporting the appointment of a permanent resident representative in Honduras.

Foreign investors participating in a Public-Private Partnership may apply for residence permit and their dependents and employees of confidence before the National Investment Council.


Once issued the certificate shall be communicated to the Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Decentralization and the National Institute of Migration for the respective control and monitoring.

The National Investment Council is a public service institution, led by the business sector in Honduras, its main goal is to provide the support to domestic and foreign to consolidate their projects investors, through which employment is generated and promotes economic development.

  • Support investment process, encouraging the facilitation of procedures for opening and / or expansion of business
  • Assistance to investors before, during and after the establishment of an investment.
  • Formulation of public policy proposals aimed at creating a favorable investment climate both domestic and foreign.

Laws, agreements and conventions in force in Honduras.

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  1. Power of attorney duly authenticated letter
  2. National Tax Registry (RTN) investor (individual trader or Sociedad Mercantil)
  3. General Balance of the last year
  4. Business operating permit in force issued by the municipality where the business takes you
  5. Duly authenticated affidavit in which it is established that the documents and the amount of investment are true.
  6. Copy of the Deed of Incorporation or sole trader.
  7. License copy of the legal representative force.

NOTE: All documents must be accompanied by copies duly authenticated, signing the power of attorney and affidavit must be made on a separate certificate of authenticity. What Request to the National Investment Council, containing the data of the investor, Legal data Apoderado, brief description of the investment made or to be made, and amount of these.

It is important for job creation, introduction of new technologies, contribution to gross domestic product, foreign exchange earnings and increased competitiveness of the sectors in which it invests. This investment is mainly in the real sector of the economy.

Countries that invest most in Honduras are the United States, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The strategic sectors for investment in Honduras are:


  • Tourism
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Light manufacturing
  • Business Support Service
  • Agroindustry
  • Social housing

Support sectors:

  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport and Storage
  • Financial intermediation
  • Construction

Special regimes allow foreign investors to benefit from tax benefits. Similarly, in the free zone can perform operations and activities: introducing, removing, storing, handling, packaging, display, packing, unpacking, buy, sell, exchange, manufacture, mix, transform, refine, distill, assemble, cut, benefit and generally operate all kinds of goods, products and raw materials, packaging and other commercial paper. operations, transactions, negotiations and permanent or incidental activities related to the establishment and operation thereof can also be performed.

  1. Getting the deed of the company.
  2. Registration of incorporation in the commercial register.
  3. Registration with the Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Membership of the Chamber of Commerce (optional).
  5. National Tax Registration Number (RTN).
  6. Municipal creditworthiness for foreigners.
  7. Obtaining an operating permit (the capital city).
  8. Authorization books and records.
  9. Obtaining permission for the installation of signs.

The services provided by the CNI are:

  • Investors Registration
  • Management of tax benefits for investment
  • Accelerated procedure for large-scale investment
  • Guarantee scheme for completion of projects on property dispute
  • Service tax protection
  • Declaration of projects of national interest
  • conflict prevention regime.

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