Economic Development

Responsible for promoting growth in investments and exports in line with the aggressive implementation of promoting the image and country brand and competitiveness, ensure access by 100% to international markets and the effective functioning of the regime secretary foreign trade, facilitating business management, promote job creation through the promotion of competitiveness and productivity of MSMEs-SSE and ensure consumer protection.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras is the agency responsible concerning the formulation, coordination, implementation and evaluation of foreign policy and international relations, including diplomatic and consular services, the promotion of economic, political, cultural and international cooperation as well as issues concerning sovereignty and borders.

Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism of Honduras is responsible for concerning the formulation, coordination, implementation and evaluation of policies related to tourism and to promote the development of tourism and promote demand, regulate and supervise the provision of general tourism services and develop all kinds of activities within its competence tend to encourage and increase investment and domestic tourism flows and abroad.

Marca País

It is a public-private partnership between the Central Government and the National Investment Council which aims to express that Honduras is open to the world to promote tourism, business and products of our land. The brand is also a meeting point for all sectors of society feel proud to be Hondurans.


The National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras (CANATURH) is the key feature of business organizations, which it brings together the highest hierarchy of chambers and associations of private tour company in Honduras.


The Inter-American Development Bank’s main objective is to reduce poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean and promoting sustainable and lasting growth.


COHEP is the technical-political arm of the business sector in Honduras.As a philosophical principle, supports the private sector through investment, employment generation and wealth, is the cornerstone of economic development of our country, and it is important to support the democratic system.


The Commission for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnership (COALIANZA) is responsible for managing the new model of participatory investment in Honduras, as a sustainable development strategy which is driven to raise the country’s competitiveness and quality of life agency families.


FIDE is an institution open to new challenges and synergies with international cooperation to promote innovation and competitiveness of Honduras and ensure a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

Plan 2020

2020 Honduras is a country development plan that emerges as a transformative initiative of the private sector, being complemented and strengthened by the public sector in terms of promoting socio-economic development of the country