What is NIC?

We are a public entity with legal personality and its own, which is aimed at the promotion and development of private investment.

NIC Main Objectives


Coordinate public and private efforts to attract, facilitate and grow private investment in Honduras to improve the country’s economy and its people.


Promote the development and growth of both domestic and foreign private investment as a means of generating economic growth and employment opportunities for Hondurans.

Organization chart


Investment Route

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The CNI is empowered by law to act as initial point of contact to potential investors. This in coordination with all public and private organizations to promote private investment and support in processes of national and foreign investment.

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CNI is responsible for the documentation of private investment in Honduras body through the Registry of potential and existing investors, bringing the statistics, coordination and monitoring of the impact of private investment in the country.

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The CNI is mandated streamlining processes, monitoring response times for records, permits and licenses required by Honduran regulations. Accompanying investors to meet and settle the procedures that hinder private investment.

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Provide periodic information or demand on technical and legal issues of investment throughout the pre and post investment process.

NIC Services

The CNI is created as a public law entity with legal personality and its own assets.

Legislative Decree No. 51-2011: Law for the Promotion and Protection of Investments
Establishment of offices facilitation and assistance to investors.
Promotion and development of private investment.