About NIC

Investment promotion and attraction agency (IPA) of the Government of Honduras created to promote and develop private investment.

Main purposes:

  1. Framing Public Policy Proposals aimed at creating a favorable climate for private investment, both local and foreign.
  2. Facilitating procedures and processes for private investors.
  3. Promotion, acceleration, and protection of private investment, through efficient, technical, legal, and economic-financial assistance, before, during, and after the establishment of an investment.
  4. Promote private investment, by designing and implementating mechanisms for the development of new domestic and foreign investments.

Investment sectors

Strategic Priorities

To promote development and income of both domestic and foreign private investment as a means of generating economic growth and employment opportunities for Hondurans, we perform our work with the following approach:


Investor Registration

The Investor Registry is the instrument that allows identification of investments made or to be made in Honduras, registering both the mercantile society, the shareholders, and participating natural persons local or foreign. The Registry provides statistics on investment types and sectors.


  • Registration certificate, which in the case of foreigners, facilitates their immigration procedures.
  • Free legal assistance for investment and business formalization.
  • Annual submission of updated information on economic-financial, tax and legal issues.
  • Invitation to training events on business opening and private investment issues.
  • Attention to complaints aimed at the protection of investors.
  • Pre and post investment services.
  • Guidance for obtaining complementary services for the operation of the business.
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Learn about the activities that the CNI promotes to development and income of both domestic and foreign private investment as a means of generating economic growth and employment opportunities for Hondurans:

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Why Honduras?


Honduras has access to international markets with 12 signed Free Trade Agreements


Honduras a young, qualified and bilingual workforce


Honduras investments in improving its infrastructure, highways, modern port terminals and certified airports which will position it as a logistic hub.

Honduras has stable legal framework and legal benefits for the protection of investments.

 Honduras has competitive productions costs 
An advantage of  Honduras is its proximity to the United States market, by air and sea.

Puerto Cortés is the largest and most efficient port in Central America, the only one in the CA-4 having a U.S. Customs office and one of the few ports in the world with 3 integral certifications, making it more competitive.